Friday, 2 June 2017

chocolate food review

Salted caramel… delicious If my dad let me eat this chocolate, i would eat every day and every night.What i thought is that the brand was cad-bury and the flavour what salted caramel peanuts i thought it cost 3.99 for a little and it costed 4.99 for a large when i first saw it i thought that it was just peanuts but when i tasted it i tasted the caramel after i bit it a little bit i then tasted the salted part of it then i figured out it was salted caramel peanuts.It smelled like dairy milk, it looked yum and sweet, it felt soft and a little bit sharp and then after that we had to the exciting part of it we had to taste it to me it tasted delicious and delightful.I think i would want to make the chocolate more cheaper so it can come more better.I think i would want to take the pinch of saltiness out of it and just leave the caramel and peanuts in it.

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