Friday, 19 May 2017

homemade ice cream

Have you ever tasted homemade ice cream before? Well mrs Stickland gave us some and we made homemade ice cream biscuit sandwiches we first got in too each buddies I was buddies with Makayla after that Makayla put some milk in a medium ziplock bag then some sugar and some vanilla then zip it up then put it in a big ziplock bag that had ice cube and salt into and shook it until it turn hard then got 2 biscuits and put some ice cream in the middle then put the other biscuit on top then we eat it it tasted delicious. Thanks Mrs Stickland for that.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Cast Away.

 Right now i just got washed up on a beautiful island. I felt really hungry and alone because there was no one there. I was cold as well i had no change of clothing

I saw some twigs and flaxs so I thought maybe I could use the flax to tie some twix together. I could put the twigs on the side and then weave the flax and use it for a roof.After that i could use the popped boat for a bed and put my jacket on top to make it cossy. I could use some fronds for a floor.

I could use a long stick to hit some coconuts. Then i got find some water after I eat the coconut i could get some water and put it in the coconut container. Then drink it out of that when i could use a spear to go spearfishing and i got some fish in could get to sticks and make a fire.

My signal could be to spell HELP on the sand. Then if someone was flying up in a helicopter they will see the signal and they will come. I could swim a little bit out and see if there is a boat then i could use the boat to paddle to shore.

Once a plane or something like will come and get you because he or she will see your signal and they will come and get you because they looked at your signal and then they came to get you and then you will be where you were before and you won’t be on the island again.